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Campbell County Graveyard Mystery Solved


Reporter: Dhomonique Ricks l Videographer: Jemon Haskins

Campbell Co., VA - A Campbell County mystery has now been solved. A fresh grave showed up in an old graveyard in Evington off of Mitchell Springs Road last week, and Monday investigators got to the bottom of things and exhumed it.

It took Campbell County investigators about 1.5 hours to dig up the grave, and they say they were pleasantly surprised at what they found.

"Here we go. It's a dog," said senior investigator Mike Milnor as he opened the box inside the grave.

The mystery of who Belly is has been solved.

"A collective sigh of relief that it was an animal and it's not an infant or human," said Milnor.

Officials said from day one they thought it was a dog, but had to be 100 % certain.

"That's not something that we wanted to do but we had to do," said Investigator Brian Dudley.

"We had to do the due diligence because over the years we have had cases of stillborns or infants that have been discarded and we've had to work them because they're homicides," said Captain Billy Crowe.

Prior to digging the plot up, officials say they spoke to neighbors and family of those buried there, and no one knew who Belly was.

"That basically left us with no choice but to get a search warrant and exhume it on the outside chance that it was going to be human remains in there," said Milnor.

The dig went smoothly for the most part.

"We got a little nervous when we actually hit the wooden box and saw how much care had gone into making the coffin," said Milnor. "It was in a treated plywood box that was sealed with silicone."

But it ended up being a dog. Belly was re-buried and the Sheriff's Office says the case is closed. The Campbell County Sheriff's Office says they are not looking to press charges. They say the cemetery is very old and the Board of Trustees are no longer living.

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