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Rocks Thrown Into Traffic Cause Damage


Reporter: Sally Delta

Amherst, VA - A Lynchburg man has damage to his car after he says flying rocks hit it on the Route 29 bypass. It happened right around the exit to Route 130 Sunday afternoon.

To make matters worse these rocks are big enough to do some real damage. The driver whose car got hit worries that if this doesn't stop soon, someone could get seriously hurt.

"The biggest concern for me is someone being killed or injured if a rock goes through a windshield," said Stephen Doss.

It didn't hit the windshield this time, but something did indeed hit Doss' car.

"This is it right here, yep," said Doss, pointing to the dent.

Doss says it happened around 2:30 p.m. Sunday. He, his wife and two kids were driving the 29 bypass toward Amherst.

"We heard a loud, it sounds like a gun shot goes off in the car, my wife said she thought a tire had blown," said Doss.

He pulled over and found a scratch on the passenger side door.  Doss believed something was thrown at his vehicle. He turned the car around to see what it was.

"While we're sitting there and my wife calls 911 and another rock comes looping in and lands on the highway in front of us," said Doss.

The rocks seemed to be coming from the direction of the sound proofing wall up on the hill.

"We looked up and saw two youths around the age of 12 and 16 on the edge, and they ran back into the woods," said Doss.

Doss' car probably wasn't the first or last car to have been hit. The day after the incident ABC 13 came out and counted at least 30 rocks at the very same spot.

"Who knows where my family would be if it goes through the back window and hits my son or comes through and hits my wife. What if I lose control of my car at 70 miles an hour? The big thing for me is to get the word out, so people know this is going on so it can be stopped," said Doss.

ABC 13 reached out to Virginia State Police to see if there had been similar reports, but haven't heard back yet.

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