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Fireworks Safety for the 4th


Reporter: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - You may have noticed tents selling fireworks popping up along the side of the road. But there are some things you may want to know before you buy those sparklers.

Even though firework stands in Virginia aren't allowed to sell the more powerful fireworks, they often make their way across state lines. Firework sellers say Virginia's stricter state laws are changing what fireworks they can sell.

Jim Jennings has been selling fireworks in Lynchburg for four years.

"Every year the regulations seem to get a little more stiff, and every year I seem to have a little less product than I did the year before," said Jennings.

This year they lost the little fire engines. He wasn't allowed to sell them anymore.

"Just because they'd move across the floor - that was the reason," said Jennings.

The newest product he's got out this year is called the super snazzy. It's a more colorful fountain-type firework. But he says, many customers are still looking for something more.

"People are more likely to go somewhere else and get the bigger boom for their money," said Jennings.

If you do opt for the bigger boom and bring the light show over state lines illegally, sellers say you could be in for a dangerous explosion. And even if you do play it safe and buy the smaller ones, you've still got to be vigilant.

"Everything that burns is dangerous," said Jennings.

That includes sparklers. Believe it or not, they can heat up to 800 degrees. Jennings suggests children under the age of seven shouldn't even hold one.

"If a child is running with this or it slips down in the hand anywhere it's burning, this can actually burn them to the bone," said Jennings.

Where you burn is just as important as how you burn. Jennings says pavement is your best bet, and keep them away from shrubbery and family pets.

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