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Brosville Fire Department Comes Full Circle


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: Jonathan Merryman

Brosville, VA -- It's been five months since the Brosville Fire Department had a fire in their own station, and now they have finally been able to rebuild. But they are short some money, so they need your help.

The station has stayed in service since just the night after the fire. But they have been working around the construction, and in August, everything will be done and hopefully paid off.

"Extreme home makeover the fire station," said Chris Key, fire chief at Brosville FD.

Brand new sheet rock, paint, floors, doors, windows, and of course vehicles for a resilient Brosville Fire Department. 

"We are proud of it, we are proud of the stuff we are able to do with the station, get us all back in service," said Key.

Key says the damage totaled nearly $1 million, but with support from the state, insurance claims, and continued fundraiser's, they only need $30,000 and the delivery of two trucks until everything is back to normal.

"When we finally get the ambulance and the crash truck in, we will be full circle, we will be back up to the way were to the level we was," said Key.

Fire victims know first hand how much the department needs the help.

"The community comes to the Fire Department's aid because they do a wonderful job, a fantastic job. As they did in my case when they came to my house fire," said Julian Lillard, a house fire victim.

Just a few days after the fire department's devastation, Lillard experienced the same pain. His was the first fire the bruised department had to face. 

"They were handicapped with equipment but they were not handicapped with personnel. They did a great job," said Lillard.

Now that they've overcome the devastation, Key says they've gotten more than a new station out of the ashes.

"It really brought a lot to light that we knew was there but we never experienced it. Now we have experienced it first hand of the full effect," said Key.

The Brosville Fire Department is hosting a fish fry fundraiser this Saturday at 5 p.m.. It will cost $8 per plate. They hope to raise $2,000 - $3,000  from the event.

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