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Heat Safety Tips This Summer


Danville, VA - Summer weather is definitely here, and you need to be really careful outside.

Danville Life Saving Crew officials say when the temperature rises, so do the number of medical calls.

The number one way you can stay safe is by staying hydrated. So, whether you are working, playing, or relaxing in this heat, make sure you drink some water before and during your activity.

The crew says they often see people suffering from heat exhaustion and heat stroke -- both very serious, so it is important to take precautions.

You can do that by wearing light clothing or staying inside in the AC if you can. It is also important to remember that young children and the elderly are more prone to difficulty in the heat.

But everyone needs to watch out, in fact, the crew itself says they are careful when they are on calls in this weather.

"Those suits, just like the fire department, get really hot. We pull our people out, get fresh people in, we hydrate them, because if not we can definitely have people passed out and then we have to end up giving them IV fluids just like you would a patient," said Robbie Woodall, the crew's chief.

The Life Saving Crew has extra staff scheduled this weekend so they are ready to handle any and all calls.

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