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Local Representatives Respond to Supreme Court Health Care Ruling


Lynchburg, VA - A lot of local politicians are speaking out after the Supreme Court health care ruling. Congressmen Bob Goodlatte and Robert Hurt are really fired up about this decision.

They both made it very clear though, the next move will be an act of Congress.

Almost immediately following the ruling, Majority Leader John Boehner set a date for Congress to vote on a full repeal of the bill. July 11 now marks the next important date.

Goodlatte was actually in the Supreme Court building when the ruling was issued. He says he was shocked and disappointed that the traditionally conservative Chief Justice Roberts sided on behalf of the health care bill.

Both congressmen made it clear they have every intention of using their vote to repeal.

"We quickly came to the conclusion that it's the wrong decision for the American people, and that clearly the court is pointing back to the Congress and saying if you want to repeal this bill, certainly, you have the power to do that, and that is where I think we need to move," said Goodlatte.

"At the end of the day, the people of the United States and certainly, the members of Congress here in Washington, are the only ones that can really fix the problems that have been given to us because of the President's health care law," said Hurt.

Read Hurt's complete statement on the Supreme Court's decision. 

If the house does vote for a repeal, which seems likely with a Republican majority, the bill will move to the Senate, where a repeal will likely be shot down. Both representatives said they will be doing everything in their power to make sure this next move has as much bi-partisan support as possible.

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