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Friday Cheers Organizers Prepare for Heat


Lynchburg, VA - In Lynchburg, the heat has not stopped preparations for Friday Cheers. Organizers say no matter how hot it gets, the show will go on.

They are expecting upwards of 1,000 people. That's much less than usual; a normal Friday Cheers crowd is about 2,000.

A crew was out at Lynch's Landing early Friday getting everything set. Organizers say they're hoping folks won't be too deterred by the heat. They will have plenty of water for everyone, and they'll be giving it out for free.

They want to encourage anyone coming before the sun goes down, to bring some shade and an umbrella.

We asked event organizers, would Friday Cheers ever be canceled because it's too hot?

"Friday Cheers is a summer event, and it's hot in the summer time. So you know our policy is rain or shine. We've had some hot weeks before; we've had some nice cool weeks before. So we really just kind of roll with it, and we want to make sure people are safe and comfortable," said Anna Bentson, the executive director of Lynch's Landing.

The only way they'd cancel is if there was a rain-out. The event kicks off at 5:30 p.m.

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