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Crews Working Hard to Fix Power


Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - A crew supervisor with Appalachian Power says in his 35 year career, this is one of the worst outages he's ever worked to fix.

The high temperatures are making the job that much more difficult. Crews have to rotate and take breaks to prevent heat exhaustion.

We caught up with crews in Lynchburg and they are taking it one step at a time. Crews have to prioritize. Monday, the goal was to get Virginia Baptist Hospital off the generator and plugged in to the grid. But getting Boonsboro lit up again is like putting a 1,000 piece puzzle together; it's tiresome and tedious.

"For example, that right there comes out of Rivermont. This over here comes out of Peaking station. It's all pieced together and what we'll do is put it on in pieces," said Tommy Bondurant, AEP line crew supervisor.

Bondurant has his crews working Rivermont Avenue - one of the worst hit areas, he says. The destruction looks never-ending. Fortunately, the help is never-ending too.

"Would AEP be able to get it done without some outside help?," we asked.

"No, no, we need our resources outside help," said Bondurant.

One power company drove in from Tennessee to lend a hand, and more are expected from as far away as Texas. But power is just one problem for Anne Ferrell. The larger concern is the big tree that fell on her mother's house.

"We were flabbergasted. I mean, this is her home," said Ferrell.

Friday, the tree landed just feet away from Ferrell's 87-year-old mother fast asleep in her room.

"How do you sleep right through it?" we asked.

"That's what we'd like to know," said Ferrell.

The storm's passed. Now, everyone's picking up the pieces and starting over. So, when will we all be plugged in again? AEP is focused on one job at a time.

"I hate to make predictions," said Bondurant.

If you do not have power, make sure your big appliances are unplugged. If not, when the juice comes back on, it could cause a shortage.

Crews restored the power at Virginia Baptist Hospital later Monday afternoon.

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