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National Guard Aids In Water And Ice Distribution


Reporter: James Gherardi l Videographer: Ira Quillen

Bedford, VA - The Virginia National Guard is helping in the aftermath of the storm. Troops are in Bedford County all week distributing free ice and water to those who need it.

The National Guard says in just a few hours Monday, they gave ice to more than 150 drivers that came by. It's sold out nearly everywhere, and for those without power, free ice, something so simple, has become something so critical.

"I went to every store I could think of and I mean you didn't even have to go in, they had signs out - no ice, no ice," said Ed West, who picked up two bags of ice for his family.

"Ice is not anywhere, it's hard to find. Unless you've got power at home, you probably don't have ice," said Danny Orange, who also picked up ice.

Until now; car after car drove to Bedford Elementary School, to get free emergency ice; two bags per car, and a gallon of water, per person.

"People don't understand how something like this, right here, how it really helps the community," said Orange. "We're having people come in who haven't had power since Friday evening. Out in the county, they need power to run the wells; they're not getting any water. They're going to stores; some stores have been sold out. They're extremely grateful to come out here and get some ice and some water," said Matthew Spiker, a Sergeant in the National Guard.

10 National Guard soldiers manned the distribution center, created by Bedford County Fire and Rescue. Low on manpower, aiding in distributions countywide, they requested the help. Hours later, three Hum-Vs rolled up, ready to answer the call.

"People are thanking us left and right. They're happy just to know there are people out there trying to make the situation a little bit better for them," said Spiker.

The distribution at Bedford Elementary will be going on through Saturday 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. The National Guard says they'll be out there all week, until everyone in the county has their power back.

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