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Power Crews Seeing Light at the End of the Tunnel


Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Jemon Haskins

Lynchburg, VA - The power outage numbers may be high, but they are falling as help continues pouring in. Just Tuesday, a power crew from Texas teamed up with Appalachian Power in Lynchburg. As day four of this event comes to a close, crews say they are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

One supervisor tells ABC 13 he feels good that all the resources are in place to get this job done. And he says technology helps it all get done a little faster.

The sight of a spaghetti string of downed lines criss-crossing busy roads has become the new "normal" in Central Virginia. It's AEP Line Crew Supervisor Tommy Bondurant's job to clean them up.

"It gives you information of what you've got going on in the circuit,"said Bondurant.

Bondurant says AEP's high-tech gadgets spot an outage faster than ever before. Without it, Bondurant says, the clean up would've taken a month. But it's looking like it will be quicker than that.

"They are stating Saturday. We are crossing our fingers for Saturday. If it goes longer than that, it's going to be surprising to me," said Bondurant.

Restringing is dangerous work for power crews. And tree cutting crews too.

Triad Tree Service drove in from North Carolina looking for work and surely got it with an oak tree that fell on a Langhorne Road home. At times, on some jobs, tree crews have to tip-toe around power lines just to get the job done.

"Yeah, we've actually seen a few hot lines. Trees almost catching on fire where the lines were hot," said Bradly Smith with Triad Tree Service.

There are many hurdles to getting power restored and Central Virginia running again. AEP says if your home is the only dark one on a lit street, call AEP to report the outage every other day. Even with the best technology, there's always a chance your home was missed.

"I know the customers are getting stressed. Just bare with us. This will be a memory one day," said Bondurant.

You can reach Triad Tree Service at 704-837-3361. The number for AEP is 1-800-956-4237.

AEP says if you are on a street with power back on but your home is in the dark, it's best to call AEP and formally report the outage. You don't want to be forgotten and left in the dark. 

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