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Crews Clear Downed Trees in Amherst Co.


Reporter: Melinda Zosh

Amherst Co., VA - For so many in Amherst Co., seeing downed trees everywhere is getting really old.

A tree fell right next to Archie Towler's house.

"It fell all around the house but luckily didn't nothing fall on it," said Towler. Towler says it blocked the road for about 12 hours.

"They just pushed it, and angled it here in this yard to get across the road," said Towler.

Public Safety Director Gary Roakes has worked non-stop since Saturday. He says the power caused some communication problems.

"We wanna make sure we keep all our generators fueled up so we can maintain communication with emergency services in Amherst County and within the region," said Roakes.

Cedar Gate Rd. in Monroe is one of the hardest hit areas in the county. Several trees have completely taken down power lines. It could take crews several more days to clean up the mess.

"It was something like I've never seen before," said Towler.

The old Amherst County jail is a cooling center and shelter. Charlene Bolling and her mom Dorothy Peters are happy to take advantage. Peters celebrated her 95th birthday on Saturday.

"She said 'I've never been to jail' so we did get a picture of her behind bars!" said Bolling.

About 15 volunteers are helping out at the jail. Dozens have sought shelter here, even sleeping in the old cells.

"We'll keep it open as long as there are people coming in that need assistance and a place to stay," said Maj. Alfred Rose of the Amherst Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Gary Roakes says transmission lines that feed the area are significantly damaged and that's one of the main reasons why it's taking so long to get power back.

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