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Mobile Home Park Hoping For Power


Reporter: Rachel Schaerr | Videographer: Ira Quillen

Campbell Co., VA - Like many of you, hundreds of people at a Campbell County mobile home park are without power.

But, what if getting it turned on took just the flip of a switch? That's all the owner of the mobile home park says crews need to do to get hundreds of his tenants' lives back to normal.

Rhonda Parker's mom suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

"Without her nebulizer, she has problem with her breathing. She gets plugs in her throat," Parker explained.

Thanks to a neighbor, they have power.

But for most residents at the Locust Gardens Mobile Home Park, there's no basement, no escape.

"We've seen people in tents, there's people that have their mattresses on their deck. But for the most part, people are outside," said Juliett Amerman, the property manager.

Stacey Ewell's back deck is now a master bedroom. She says may be cooler, but it's definitely inconvenient.

"I've even seen possums running around here and there, you know? And, I've got a bunch of insect bites," she said, pointing to the mattress.

The park's owner says the solution is simple: flip these two fuses back up and their lights will turn on, a job that takes a matter of minutes.

"Simple fix for 118 families and over 500 individuals," explained Randall Campbell.

But they have no idea when a crew may be able to make it here.

In the meantime, Ewell and everyone else here will just have to wait.

"It's better today because it was cooler last night. But, the first two or three days it was really bad," Ewell said.

"My people in here are coping very well, but we do and would like to have the power back as soon as possible," added Campbell.

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