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Signs Thanking Power Workers


Lynchburg, VA - People in our area are putting pens to paper, thanking power crews for their work.

We found this sign at the intersection of Waterlick and Leesville Roads in Campbell County. A woman who lives on Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg also made a sign for Appalachian Power crews.

She says she was so grateful after waking up to air conditioning, she decided to make a sign.

"The policemen, the firemen, the crews that put the long hard hours in, they don't get thanks a lot of times. And I was just very, very thankful that I was able to wake -up, like I said, with air conditioning and turn my coffee pot on and have a good morning," said Susie Wells, who made the sign.

Of course, many of you are still without power. Susie Wells says she hasn't gotten much feedback since putting the sign out Tuesday. But she hopes more people will give thanks.

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