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Lynchburg Progress Update


Reporter: Carleigh Griffeth

Lynchburg, VA - The city of Lynchburg is estimating property damage at about $2.5 to $3 million. At a press conference Thursday afternoon, city officials said that number may increase as more areas are surveyed.

They are happy to report within the last 24 hours, 13,000 Appalachian Power customers have had their power restored.

AEP officials say power is being restored so suddenly because the city is finally making a dent in all the debris from the storm.

Public Works has now picked up over 500,000 cubic feet of debris. That's around 18.5 tons.

AEP says it's much easier to get the job done, now that they aren't having to deal with massive tree branches blocking streets, or tangled in power lines.

"What you're seeing is we've managed to get past all the debris, got it cleaned up and everything assessed to the point now where we can start getting the large chunks back on," said Larry Jackson, AEP External Affairs Manager.

Jackson says the next area in Lynchburg they'll concentrate on is Lakeside Drive.

He also says workers are quite relieved the city hasn't seen any more severe weather. If we do, that could mean a big setback in their efforts, and maybe even more customers without power.

But city officials are staying positive, mentioning that out of the 60 traffic lights that were not working in the city, 53 have been fixed.

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