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Lynchburg Cleanup Coming Along


Reporter: Carleigh Griffeth

Lynchburg, VA- We've been giving you reports on clean-up efforts all week. And we now have a good grasp of just how much damage was done in Lynchburg.

The numbers are pretty startling. We still have a ways to go until things start to feel normal again. Just in Lynchburg thousands are still without power.

However city officials are staying positive, saying we've already come a long way.

Six days since winds tore apart Lynchburg and the outage numbers have dropped drastically in the past 24 hours.

From a high of more than 20,000 without power- to just under 10,000 on Thursday night.

The city reports 60 traffic lights lost power, almost all of which have been restored.

"What you're seeing is we've managed to get past all the debris, got it cleaned up and everything assessed to the point now where we can start getting the large chunks back on," said Larry Jackson, AEP External Affairs Manager.

Lynchburg officials say at one time, 260 roads were blocked by either down trees or power lines. 143 houses have been reported damaged and 13 have been condemned. Those numbers may go up.

But Public Works and contract crews are working hard to clean the city. They've collected 925 truckloads, that's 18.5 million tons of debris.

Cleanup is definitely in full swing and life may be getting back to normal for some. But, Lynchubrg Mayor Mike Gillette says we need to stay alert.

"We have to be very very watchful of the fact that there are still down wires that could still be dangerous. That you may still have neighbors without power who might need some help cooling down or getting some food or whatever it might be. We want to keep our eye on the ball," said Mayor Gillette.

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