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Lynchburg Woman Goes One Week Without Power


Reporter: James Gherardi l Videographer: Levi Washburn

Lynchburg, VA - The latest numbers tell us more than 4,000 people are still without power in Lynchburg. Friday night marks one week since they lost electricity. And for many, their patience is wearing thin.

Deborah Marshall says every day without power has been a struggle for her and her family. One week ago Friday, she says a 30 foot tree came tumbling down in her back yard, taking her electricity with it.

For Marshall, each day begins the same way.

"It's getting up every morning, going to fill up the gas tanks, to bring back here to put in the generator. Trying to figure out what it is we're going to eat for the day, going out and purchasing that," she said.

A generator powers her refrigerator, two fans, and her television. "At night time, we're running on two fans. We don't even have the air conditioner hooked up to the generator; we have the fans hooked up," said Marshall.

But her limited electricity comes at a cost.

"We basically have been filling it up with gasoline at $2.95, costing us about $30 a day, since last Saturday," she said.

That, along with the cost of food, gas to bring her to and from the store is adding up.

"I'm spending basically three to four months' worth of money, in what I would be paying for one month in utilities," said Marshall.

Marshall's is the only home on her block without power. The tree took out her utility pole, and no one else's.

"Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones. Not only myself, but my other neighbor too. Both of us were blessed to not have our power off," said Marshall's neighbor, Joyce Crews.

Marshall contacted Appalachian Power last Saturday. "They stated they put me down, called back Monday to make sure, they put me down again, I called back today, which is Friday, and was told they had purged me from the system. Now I'm on a list that's probably going to be one of the last people that'll have power in the city of Lynchburg," she said.

Marshall says she's spent nearly $1,000 since she lost power a week ago. She says she can't keep paying for the cost of this generator. She's not sure what she'll do if she doesn't get her power back sometime soon.

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