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Trail Cleanup Continues for Lynchburg


Reporter: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - Cleanup crews are staying busy, not only clearing the roads of brush but walking and biking trails as well. Some walkways were closed for nearly a week and it could take a lot longer than many may realize.

Lynchburg's parks manager says it could still take months to get all the trails cleared. But you can tell they've made a pretty good dent in it already.

"It looks kind of like after a hurricane with broken trees everywhere," said Matt Perez, a biker.

The James River Heritage trails throughout Lynchburg took a beating during the recent wind storm.

"It was a lot. I mean it was pretty surprising," said Keisha Page, a runner.

Park Services spent Monday morning pulling, cutting and tossing limbs out of the way at the Kemper Station trail to clear the entrance.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Andy Reeder, services manager for Lynchburg Parks & Rec.  

 Reeder says he saw some trees piled eight to 10 feet high.

"The last count we had was 400 trees down, and a lot of them are large Oaks and Poplars," said Reeder.

They started at the Ed Page entrance last week and kept going from there. So far, they've been able to clear all main asphalt trails other than the trees piled up on the side.

"They did a good job clearing everything out. I mean there's nothing interfering with the trail, of course there are going to be leaves down," said Keisha Page, a runner.

"It's pretty good. Whoever did it, did a good job," said Perez.

With a storm that shook up so much, Reeder wants to give trail-goers something normal to go back to.

"Whether it's their morning run, their after noon bike ride, we want that to be there for people as soon as possible because we think that's important," said Reeder.

Once again, all main, paved trails are open. It's the secondary ones that they are working on this week. But as far as the trees along the side of the trail, it could be as long as six months before those are all gone.

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