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Roanoke Area Power Fully Restored


Reporter:  David Tate

Roanoke, VA - Nearly 10 days after losing power, all of the last 1,000 customers in Roanoke are back on the grid.

Crews spent the day taking care of areas, mostly in southwest Roanoke bringing an end to that chapter of the cleanup.

That is making things easier for Dan Dyer who was brought in from New Orleans to help get Cox cable customers back online.

"With the customers just getting back power... the last couple of days we've been pretty busy. You know working sun up to sun down. It's pretty hot out here," said Dyer.

While he is making progress, he says he's running four to six days behind. That's nothing compared to the work cleanup crews have in front of them.

The city is begging people just like Daniel Williams to keep on cutting so crews can get things picked up. Work made easier with the day's milder temperatures.

"Hot, very hot (laughs). A lot of tree work going on.  Today has been the best day for the last week. Because we've been over 100 temperatures having to quit at one or two o'clock because you just can't do it," said Williams.

City crews have only made an initial pickup of debris, in just one quadrant of the city, with progress being made in a second one.

Even so, already more than 660 tons of debris have been picked up in Roanoke alone so far.

City crews are working 14 hour shifts right now in northeast Roanoke with southeast set for next week followed by southwest the following week. Then, the cycle starts over.

City official say you can help speed things up by using your driveway and not parking near debris.

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