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Mother & Son Survive Tree Crushing Their Car


Reporter: James Gherardi l Videographer: Levi Washburn

Lynchburg, VA - They describe it as terrifying: A mother and son trapped inside their car after a tree came down crushing it. This was back on June 29 when Virginia's worst windstorm in decades decimated the Greater Lynchburg area.

The story of this Mother and her son is one of remarkable survival and strength. Amy Scott says it's a miracle that she and her son are even still alive.

"When you see the photographs, you're going to say to yourself, there's no way these people lived. That is what you'll say," said Scott.

But miraculously, they did.

Scott and her son 13-year-old Cooper don't know how or why, but they're alive.

"From him trying to direct me to get off the road, to trying to put the car in park; all these little decisions, I feel, for sure, saved my life," said Scott.

Coming from a pool party, just down the road, what should have been a short drive home became a terrifying trip.

"I thought I was in a funnel cloud. I saw huge limbs flying by me. And my son, Cooper said, 'Mom, we've got to get off the road.' So we pulled into this driveway, and were there seconds, and within those seconds, a huge tree landed on us," she said.

"I couldn't see any of her because the roof had totally caved in. When she didn't respond for about 10 or 15 seconds, I was thinking bad things happened," said Cooper.

"I said, 'Cooper, are you ok?' He said 'yea, are you ok?' I said 'yea, I think we're going to be ok, we need to get some help. Can you find the phone?'" said Scott.

He did, and he called 911.

"The only thing that she said was, they're going to be there as soon as they can, and I was like yea, but when is that?" said Cooper.

With downed trees blocking EMS crews, the pair waited an agonizing 30 minutes. What Scott says felt more like an eternity.

"I was trying not to panic. I was trying to stay calm, and trying to reassure myself that we were going to be ok," she said.

Mother and son were rescued; their only injuries, minor cuts and bruises. And now more than a week later, looking back, Scott says this story wasn't one of luck.

"I call it being blessed. Yea, I call it being blessed. Luck goes but so far," she said.

Scott says she's learned to appreciate every day. The way she looks at, someone was watching over her and her son as that tree came crashing down.

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