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Brown Grass Isn't Dead


Videojournalist: Jonathan Merryman

The heat has done a number on grass in our area. Right now instead of seeing thick green grass, a lot of it is brown -  dead from the heat wave.

It turns out your grass goes dormant during a drought, causing it to turn brown.

"I know that the grass is not very appealing to the eye when it is in that dormant state but it's a naturally occurring process and it's going to rejuvenate when conditions are better," said Stephen Barts, extension agent Pittsylvania County.

Now they do tell us you can water your grass.

But watering needs to be infrequent and only use enough water to where it actually runs off of your lawn.

There is one perk to the dormant grass, it doesn't grow so that means you won't need to mow.

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