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Groups Doing Mission Work in the Star City


Reporter: David Tate

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke has been getting help cleaning up from the windstorm.

Groups like "World Changers" are in the Star City this week before moving on to another city.

There's one group based in Roanoke that spends the summer bringing in these groups who want to lend a hand week after week. REACH is just in its second year and their goal is to "reach" across the Roanoke Valley. "Reach", meaning to teach people "Real Experiences Affecting CHange".

"We are trying to change their life into an intentional life where they are, not just letting life pass them by and going through accidentally, but that they are affecting other people," said Bryce Miller, REACH project manager.

The nonprofit is looking to bring in groups of volunteers from all over the country every week for 10 weeks. While there is no age restriction, the hope is to get young people like Reagan Windl to learn the lessons of volunteering early in life.

"It feels really good. Being there… that I'm able to help even though I didn't really have to," said Windl.

Over the summer, more than 350 volunteers will make it to Roanoke, through the program completing service projects from cleaning up the Roanoke River, to helping people like Bonnie Drewery who badly needs home repairs.

On disability and just getting by, Drewery doesn't see workers here; she sees angels.

"I appreciate everything they are doing. They're fixing my bathroom, my back porch, they painted my shed," said Drewery.

That's the payment here - the gift these volunteers get by giving themselves.

"Just doing for others... that gives you a great feeling. And hopefully by doing for others they will do unto other people as well and it's just a continuous cycle," said Miller.

Last summer more than 150 campers volunteered over 4,100 hours to the Roanoke community. This year, they have more than twice the campers, and they expect to easily beat that total this summer.

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