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Many Lynchburg City Employees Work 17 Consecutive Days


Reporter: James Gherardi l Videographer: Levi Washburn

Lynchburg, VA - For Lynchburg city employees, Wednesday marked 17 consecutive days of work.

June's wind storm put more than 100 Lynchburg Public Works crews out on the streets, clearing pile after pile of debris.

Since the storm, public works crews have been on 12-hour shifts, and are tired to say the least. But despite the heat, and seemingly never-ending work load, each one knows the value they bring to the cleanup.

When asked if it felt like he'd been working seventeen days in a row, Public Works employee Jonathan Witt said, "It feels like 30, actually,"

"I have to keep moving. I feel like if I stop, I'll drop. So I just keep it going," said Public Works employee Anthony Johnson.

170 public works crews have kept it going for 17 days straight.

"Their commitment, their dedication, their fortitude to stay at it every day, I mean typically we've been working 12 hours every day," said David Owen, the Director of Public Works.

Since the storm, shifts have been 12, grueling hours.

"You come in, you work 12 hours, you know you might get out of here in 12.5. Go home; you've got things to deal with at home. Then as soon as you go to sleep, it's time to go again. It's like you're constantly at work, all the time," said Johnson.

Public works, work, is no easy task; clearing street after street of downed trees and debris.

"Each pile has its own surprises and everything. Spiders, snakes, bees, you name it," said Witt.

After working a full week before the storm, crews were called in, and have worked ever since, even through last week's record breaking temperatures.

"Then they would go home and most did not have electricity, most did not have air condition to go home to. So they worked all day in the heat, and couldn't get away from the heat at night," said Owen.

"They all have a great satisfaction out of serving the public. It's really great when you've got something right in front of you, a goal, like get that tree out of the way, clear that street. They're like that with snow too," said City Manager, Kimball Payne.

Most city employees will be off this weekend. And because they worked on the July Fourth holiday, employees will not be required to work on Friday, August 31st.

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