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Roanoke Prepares for Presidential Visit


Reporter:  David Tate

Roanoke, VA - Hundreds of people from Roanoke city workers to Secret Service agents continue the hard work of preparing for a presidential visit.

Anxious crews got an early start Thursday closing down designated roads hours before they were scheduled. That's so the set up crew could sit and wait to see if the threat of rain would force the rally to be moved to another location.

A lot of details are adding up for some exciting days for Deputy Fire Chief Ralph Tartaglia.

"When you have an event that is this large and affects so many people in our city... it's very, very rewarding to be in the middle of it," said Tartaglia.

But after the lunch hour, the decision was made and crews got to work.

That means Lenore Duncan gets to stay home Friday. The Secret Service has closed her building, which sits opposite the podium the President will use.

"They're shutting the building down at 1 p.m. tomorrow so we can work in the morning but a lot of us are just planning to stay away for the day. Our parking deck is gone for the day and things like that," said Duncan.

A few addresses down at Thelma's Chicken and Waffles the hope is that they will get the green light to stay open. Maybe even get a special guest?

"They were very professional and they came through to make sure everything was safe for our president and we hope they will come back and we will get a visit from him," said Anastasia Roseberry, the executive chef.

But whether you're coming for the rally or just to visit, be ready for scarce parking and many closed roads. It's the price Roanoke will pay for this historic visit.

"The experience for our children to come and see a sitting president. Not many of us have done that in our lifetime so it's a wonderful thing," said Tartaglia.

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