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Danville Woman Victim to National Scam


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: Jonathan Merryman

Danville, VA -  Officials are warning people about a scam going around the entire country. 

The Better Business Bureau has laid out details on the scam. They say there are some important things you need to know about any type of scam that can save you from losing money or your identity.

With fear of identity fraud, this local woman now prefers to stay in disguise. But last weekend, she wasn't so cautious when she saw a text message about the President offering a program to help pay her bills.

"I thought it was a good idea because I was in financial difficulty. And I really though Obama was really doing this," said the victim.

So she called the 1-800 number and says a foreign man answered.

"He said he had great news. He said Obama was giving out stimulus packages up to $1,000 to pay your bills," said the victim.

And she gave him his requests.

"They asked for my social security number, my date of birth and that's what I did, I gave them my social security number and date of birth," said the victim.

In exchange, the man gave her account information, conformation numbers, and temporary peace of mind.

"I really thought it was true," said the victim.

But then the nightmare began.

"We got a large number of rejections within two days. And they were all using the same bank routing number," said Linda Mills, director of Central Collections.

Central Collections dialed her number saying she fell prey to a national scam.

"I think it's sad because customers are thinking they are getting some assistance," said Mills.

They contacted police. Collections identified seven victims but say the suspects promise to pay any kind of bill so other agencies likely have more. And now this victim has her guard up of anyone looking for her information.

"It's a terrible feeling. I really dislike it, I really do. I hope whoever is doing it, I hope they get caught," said the victim.

It's important to remember to never give out personal information over the phone or to anyone that could be unofficial. If you are ever suspicious, call police.

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