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Last Minute Miracle: Follow-Up

Shawn in February Shawn in February
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Reporter:  Danner Evans l  Videographer: Dan Heffner

Huddleston, VA - In February, ABC 13 introduced you to Shawn Dolph, 39, a diabetic with a foot condition called charcot foot.

Many doctors told him because of it, all the bones in his foot were smashed and he needed an amputation. Then he found a last minute miracle, a doctor in Salem who did foot reconstruction surgery.

Now we're checking in on Dolph's progress, seven months post –op, to see if he's back on his feet again.

When we met Dolph he was fresh out of surgery, could barely get around and do a simple chore. Today, it's quite another story.

"It's surreal.  I had almost accepted the fact I was going to lose my leg."  Dolph said.  "Now that it's not a reality and I have my own leg I've come to terms with that and it's even better!"

Dolph is back on in his bike, hitting the trails and doing something he hasn't been able to do for a long time.

"It's been a goal of mine to do ever since I found out I was going to have that surgery," Dolph said. "Now that I can go out and do it it's just like awesome."

Before he could pedal, Dolph had to learn to walk again, a process that's frustrating.

"They say the recovery time is about a year or more and I'm only seven months into it," Dolph said.  "Naturally it's not quick enough for me but we'll take it as we can get it."

Dolph also got a lesson in taking care of his diabetes and the health risks that come along with the disease.  He also learned to never take his life for granted.

"I've got a new lease on life. I've got my own leg.  I've got my own foot," Dolph explained. "A second chance to do things the right way."

Dolph is also about to go back to the work for the first time in seven months. He said in a lot of ways he is can do just about everything he wants to without a lot of pain.

He's getting fitted with a special boot to protect his foot so his recovery can continue.

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