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Lynchburg Woman Finds Ring Lost 33 Years Ago


Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: R. J. Burnette

Lynchburg, VA- If you lost something three decades ago, you'd never expect to get it back right? Well, a North Carolina woman is about to get back something very special to her, and a Lynchburg woman is the reason why.

Tricia Lewis was just relaxing on a beach near Topsail North Carolina when the waters uncovered a surprise.

"A wave came in and knocked over my drink and stuff. When I stood up to move, there was a ring lying on the beach," said Lewis.

It was a small ring, green from corrosion but still in good shape.

"I just felt like we got to find this person to find out the story of this ring," said Lewis.

With just the engravements on the ring to go by, Lewis started searching. The ring read Dixon High 1980, initials M.R.

She found a Dixon High in nearby Holly Ridge, North Carolina.

"Like a day or so later, she called and said, 'We found her. Her name was Mary Jo Ritter," said Lewis.

The school connected Lewis with M. R., now Mary Jo Rafferty.

"I'm still stunned. I'm still amazed that somebody found it this length of time," said Rafferty.

Rafferty was a high school junior when the ring slipped off her finger during a summer beach party in 1979. She looked, but couldn't find it. Thirty-three years later, Lewis picked it up right where Rafferty lost it. Rafferty told Lewis she's sure more than luck was involved.

"The way everything lined up. It was meant for you to find my ring," said Rafferty.

"I'm just excited that we found her and got the ring back to her. I wish we could have done it in person and seen her face and stuff," said Lewis.

She could soon get that wish. Rafferty has invited Lewis to meet in person one day. Rafferty expects the ring to arrive at her home sometime on Friday.

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