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Family Upset Over War Crime Allegations


Reporter: David Tate

Roanoke, VA - Family members of an accused war criminal living in Roanoke County are talking about their difficult life over the past year.

Three days ago, dozens of law enforcement officers arrested Almaz Nezirovic. He's wanted in Bosnia on charges of torturing war prisoners.

A full extradition hearing will take place within 60 days.

The US Attorney's office is expected to provide more details as to why they support the charges leveled against Nezirovic. Until then, he sits in jail without bond.

As Nezirovic digs out family pictures from happier days gone by, the 17-year-old Hidden Valley senior is trying to keep a strong front as her family's struggles have gone to a new level.

"It's been tough for me. It's been tough for my entire family. But I'm trying my hardest to stay strong and that's all I really can do," said Nustreta Nezirovic, the daughter.

It doesn't help that for the second time in 13 months, she's had to face a platoon of law enforcement coming for her father.

"The ones in front of me were pointing their rifles at me with lasers on me and my mother and they wouldn't answer any of my questions," said Nustreta Nezirovic.

"This is just once more unnecessary stress that we have been living with this pain for over a year," said Alan Nezirovic, the son.

Unnecessary to them because their father has been on supervised bond for more than a year as related federal charges play out. That all changed with the extradition request from Bosnia.

Her mother can't keep back the tears as she shows the cross from her Muslim husband's best friend, a Croat, killed in battle. She also points out the Holy Bible, the Orthodox Bible and the Koran displayed in her home.

And nevermind the fact that her children have the mixed blood of parents that are Serb/Croat and Muslim. It leads to the a surreal existence for a family that sees itself as American.

"I'm having a hard time grasping what's going on. It doesn't feel real at all," said Nustreta Nezirovic.

Almaz Nezirovic's family denies the charges and say Nezirovic is a man dedicated to justice for all people.

While they do acknowledge Nezirovic did join a Croat-militia, they say he did it only out of self defense. They also say Nezirovic actually helped many families survive the war, which included Serbian families -- some of which are now his accusers.

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