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Cinemas Saddened by Shooting


Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - The shooting has hit home for movie theatres across the country. In DC, they're actually searching bags at Dark Knight showings Friday. Police there plan to increase their presence at theaters.

Movie-goers are following the story closely. Some in Lynchburg were listening to radio updates while driving to watch a movie themselves. The shooting might have happened in Colorado, but it hurts here in Lynchburg too.

Visulite Cinemas had prepared for a swarm of Batman fans this weekend. Now, the workers carry a heap of sadness.

"It's shocking and a little surreal, I guess, that something like that can happen," said Chris Davidson, general manager of Visulite Cinemas.

Davidson says security has always been a priority. He keeps an eye on people coming in, and makes sure exits are secure.  For movie-goer Matt Ellis, security is now on the front of his mind as well.

"When I saw how many people were killed and who were killed, I was kind of nervous about who did it and what they were working for," said Ellis.

Frederick McCray feels differently. He brought his friend to the movie. He is not nervous, just on-guard.

"I protect my friends as best I can. I'm not a superhero or anything, but, no, it doesn't bother me too much," said McCray.

Regal Entertainment Group said, "We are profoundly saddened by the tragedy...and are concerned for the victims and their families."

Ellis says he has never been worried his safety when going to the movies. 

Undoubtedly, some movie-goers this weekend will worry. Theatres say they are concerned for the victims but hope fear doesn't take hold of movie-goers this summer.

"I hope that people won't be afraid to come see movies. Something like that is definitely an odd situation," said Davidson.

Of course, there's also talk about what the tragedy will do to Batman's ticket sales. One theatre manager says in the longrun, the Dark Knight is a blockbuster and ticket sales won't be hurt by this tragedy.

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