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Lynchburg City Crews Still Busy Clearing Debris


Reporter: Melinda Zosh

Lynchburg, VA - Monday marks day 24 of cleanup efforts for Lynchburg city crews after the derecho hit. For the past three weeks, they've worked up to 12 hours, seven days a week, to clear the mess.

Now that they've made headway, they're starting to scale back some, but they still have a long way to go.

 There's not much down time for the city workers, and it's nothing but non-stop work for crews.

 "Our guys are getting a lot of loads in one day and we're talking 30 cubic yards in just one of these trucks," said crew supervisor Dave Rosser.

So far they've collected 25,000 cubic yards of debris. Crews say that's the equivalent of 25,000,000 pounds.

"And we're continually moving down the street and constantly going so we don't stop," said Rosser.

They're targeting residential areas during the week, and on Monday they managed to make progress up and down Falcon Hill Place.

"The top of our street it was inpenetrable between the power lines the transformers, the power lines, the poles, the trees that came down," said Peter Alexander, who lives on Falcon Hill Place.

The crews use about seven trucks called knucklebooms, and they say it really helps them make headway.

"The machine turns around 360 degrees so it's able to pick up everything," said Rosser.

And they've managed to pick up 4,200 truckloads of debris across the city.

"They're doing the best that they can but this is just one pile where we're at right now and it's already filled the truck up once," said Rosser.

Crews are working as quickly as possible to get everything cleared up, but they it could take several more months before that happens.

"We're working street by street and we'll keeping working on all the piles until we're completely finished," said David Owen, Director of Lynchburg Public Works.

Crews are dropping off all the debris at two different sites in Lynchburg. David Owen says all the material is, of course, being ground up and recycled.

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