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Campbell County All Hazards Preparedness Site


Reporter: Dhomonique Ricks l Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh

Campbell Co., VA - Do you honestly know what to do, when a crisis hits? Campbell County found not many people do, and even the ones who do, are often still unprepared.

That is why they are pushing preparedness hard to get people ready for any type of crisis.  This proactive approach to preparedness is all being done through their website.

"I was not prepared for the June 29th storm, it caught me by surprise," said Campbell County resident Cathy Moore.

Moore tries not to think about the horrors she and her husband faced during last month's Derecho.

"Without power, I didn't have any way to get water to the animals," said Moore.

Moore has 20 goats, two horses and two dogs. She says it put the need for water into perspective.

"One horse in 100 degree weather can probably drink 30 to 40 gallons a day," said Moore.

She and her husband got by, but now she is using the online resource to stay prepared. The site details how to sustain yourself or animals for several days. One section even explains how to deal with livestock in crisis situations.

"I had not looked at the emergency preparedness for livestock. Which I have it now, and I think it's a great resource because one of the things it says first of all is make sure you have water on hand to care for your animals," said Moore.

Campbell County officials say the site gets you through all steps of a crisis. Beginning, middle and end.

"People sometimes want to know where to take debris, things like that are all listed on this site," said Campbell County Public Information Officer Sherry Harding.

There is also a citizen alert button that gives minute by minute updates as public safety officials release them.

"Any updates and any safety instructions will be posted automatically to that site," said Harding.

That is just a taste of what you will find on the site.

To access the site, visit Campbell County's website and click the link of the left hand column that says Emergency Preparedness.

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