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Number of Insects Increasing Because of Weather


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: RJ Burnette

Danville, VA - With all of the warm weather this summer, some insects have been thriving. This means you have to be extra careful when you are outside. 

When the weather heats up, the bugs come out. Owner of Four Seasons Pest Control John Adkins noticed an increase this year in smokey brown cockroaches, ants and bees.

"I'm seeing a lot of bees. And we are getting a lot of bee calls this year compared to last year," said Adkins.

Of course, that's something you have to watch out for.

"It's very serious. A lot of people are allergic to bees. When we are out enjoying the summer, playing, and working in the yard, we are not aware of what is around, so it is easy to get stung," said Adkins.

Director of the Danville Life Saving Crew Robbie Woodall knows this all too well.

"We've had a lot of bee sting calls, which is really scary if someone is allergic and they don't have their Epipen with them," said Woodall.

He says normally they only get a couple calls a year for allergic reactions, but this season has brought nearly a dozen so far. So when Robbie's own family described hearing a scratching noise from inside their house, they checked it out.

"Me and Mommy went out this morning because I heard it. So we went out and saw that it was a huge swarm of bees," said Robbie Woodall's daughter Mallory Woodall.

Actually, they have hornets. An infestation Adkins says may just now be starting up and, he expects spiders, to become an issue in the fall.

"Be aware of your environment. Where you are at, working in the lawn, outside or playing outside. Be aware of your environment," said Adkins.

If you do have concerns about insects in your home, the best thing to do is call an exterminator. You can also seal up your home, and exterminators say to make sure you do not have any standing water sitting around outside.
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