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Elks Lodge Grants Wish to Little Boy


Reporter: Carleigh Griffeth | Photographer: Levi Washburn

Lynchburg, VA- The Lynchburg Elks Lodge is making a little boy's dream come true. They're sending 5-year-old James Mays to Disney World.

We were there Thursday night to see James accept this gift. The Elks Lodge chose James because he faces some pretty big challenges.

When his friends are outside playing, he has to sit on the sidelines taking it easy, or he could be taking a trip to the hospital.

"James is five years old. He'll be going to kindergarten this fall. He loves planes trains and ships," said Teresa Mays, James' mother.

"I like to do football. I just try to get past the people, until I get through, and I make the goal," said James Mays.

But for James, a small game of football could turn into a huge emergency. He has a severe case of asthma.

"If you took a coffee straw and you placed it in your mouth, and you pinched your nose, and tried to breathe through a coffee straw, that's a child having an asthma attack," said Teresa.

She never knows when an attack will hit.

"We just have to limit the time he's out, just make sure he doesn't get worked up too much. And allow him to play just as much as he can," said Teresa.

And this little ball of energy loves to play, something that causes his mother to be a bundle of nerves. On top of the asthma, he also has several food allergies. All this makes James pretty fragile, though you can't tell by looking at him.

"I have a soft spot for children. They're kind of defenseless, especially if one is sick like that you know. You just want to do everything you can for them," said Carol Viscusi, secretary of the Elks Lodge.

That's where the Lynchburg Elks Lodge stepped in. With the help of the Children's Miracle Network, the Lodge was able to grant James his wish.

"James's wish is to go to Disney World. So we were very happy that we could grant that wish for him," said Viscusi.

"I'm honored tonight by being the Elks recipient. And I hope we have a good time," said Teresa.

A grant from the National Elks Foundation helped make this possible. And the Lodge hopes to receive more grants like that in the future, so they can keep granting wishes to kids like James.

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