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Volunteers Clean Up Trees for Free


Reporter: Sally Delta

Lynchburg, VA - Many have found out getting those downed trees out of your yard can be very expensive. We're talking hundreds even thousands of dollars.

Well, good news! There's a group of volunteers in our area doing it for free and they call themselves Kingdom Builders.

They've done 30 homes already. These men are cutting up and clearing out trees for people who aren't able or can't afford it.

But, this isn't your typical cleanup crew.

The Kingdom Builders were formed back in 2002. They've responded to many major disasters including Hurricane Katrina.

"You've got to ask your self, what would Jesus do? Well, he'd run the chainsaw," said John Bohannon, Kingdom Builder.

Just about every day for three weeks straight they've been cutting, raking and lifting.

You might think do any of these guys have a job?
Well no, actually they're all retired.
The youngest is 65 years old... and the eldest (on-site).

"I'm 76," said Roland Roach, Kingdom Builder.

One of the volunteers is 84, but he took that day off.

WSET asked, Do you think this is safe?"
John Bohannon said, "They always tell us we are insane."

But they say they're well and able to work, so they do. The Kingdom Builders have helped people in many different situations. We met them at a site where they were assisting a woman who lost her husband.

"I didn't realize there were so many widows in the city of Lynchburg but it looks like everywhere we go there's a widow and they can't do this tree work themselves," said Roach.

All the wood they've collected is going to good use, because even though it's hot now all the wood will go to firewood ministries, to be used to keep folks warm in the winter.

The pay off on this job isn't money but these guys say what they get out of it, lasts a lot longer than a paycheck.

"It's the gratification of the people, when they tell you thank you, and you see the tears and you walk away, you think about that riding home," said Bohannon.

The Kingdom builders represent the Lynchburg Baptist Association.

If you know someone in need they ask that you please contact the LBA at (434) 832-0455 or (434) 238-6322.


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