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ACLU Asks Police About License Plate Readers


Lynchburg, VA - License plate readers are the center of an American Civil Liberties Union investigation.

The ACLU is asking departments across the country what they're doing with the information collected by these readers that scan your plate as you drive by an officer.

Their biggest concern regards the violation of privacy; 36 ACLU affiliates in 38 states have sent out letters to various law enforcement agencies.

In Virginia, the ACLU is requesting information from both the Lynchburg and Danville police departments and state police. All in all, 16 Virginia agencies were asked for information.

The Lynchburg Police Department has gotten a grant to get some of these readers, but right now doesn't have them. The ACLU says a part of their investigation is to find out who actually uses these devices.

Representatives from the ACLU say there is very personal data attached to your license plate. They want to know who sees that data, where it goes when it's collected and how long it's stored.

"We're concerned about the potential for taking in vast amounts of location information on tens of thousands of citizens who have done nothing wrong and creating a database of location information," said Rebecca Glenberg, the legal director of the Virginia ACLU.

The ACLU says once all that information is gathered from these agencies, they may request law makers pass legislation limiting the use of license plate readers.

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