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21 Collinsville Businesses Vandalized Last Month


Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: Jonathan Merryman

Collinsville, VA - Window after window damaged and store owners say enough! Vandalism in Collinsville has become a serious problem, and stores along Virginia Avenue have become regular targets.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office tells us in July alone, 21 businesses have had their windows shot at. But this problem isn't new, in fact, store owners say this has been going on for years.

When you look at C&C Fiberglass, you can't help but notice bullet hole after bullet hole.

"It's pretty frustrating when you go home at night you have your building secure and when the alarm goes off it puts something in your mind of what's been done?" said Ken Schultz, Owner of C & C Fiberglass.

Schultz heard that broken glass alarm twice last month and countless other times in his 17 years at that location. He's had to replace six panes of glass because of vandalism. It's gotten to the point where he already has spare boards ready.

"At this point I'm almost used to it in a way because I've been through it before in years past and here in the last month," said Schultz.

Almost every business along Virginia Avenue feels his pain.

"It's just very hard, every time it happens it's between $800 and $1,000. Every single time," said Michelle Ross, employee at Motor Imports.

"With times as tough as it is now and every penny hurts to spend unwisely, it hurts business right bad," said Joe Bryant, owner of Bryant Radio Supply.

Bryant just shelled out $500 on new glass at Bryant Radio Supply. He says for now he will pay for it out of pocket but doesn't know how long that can last.

"We can't hardly afford to go up on our prices because things are so tight right now. But you have to figure a little bit of that in when you are getting your prices because you have to pay for it somehow," said Bryant.

Bryant says he may even have to take matters into his own hands and add a camera facing the road, so justice can be served.

"I hope they catch them. I hope they catch them and prosecute them," says Bryant.

The Henry County Sheriff's office tells us they have some leads. But for now they have added cameras and stepped up patrol. If you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 276-63-CRIME.


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