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One Year Later: Killing Unsolved & Reward Upped

Jeffrey Rhoden Jeffrey Rhoden

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Ira Quillen

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg murder still unsolved one year later.

Someone shot down Jeffrey Rhoden, 41, last August in Lynchburg's White Rock Hill neighborhood - an area known for drugs. Now Rhoden's mother is putting up $10,000 to find the person responsible.

This is certainly not an easy case to solve. A Lynchburg detective has interviewed 40 people, but still doesn't have enough evidence for an arrest.

August 1, 2011, the bullet went through Jeff Rhoden's back. It clipped his lungs and heart and took his life. One year later, there is no weapon or a suspect.

For Detective Kevin Poindexter, getting justice for Rhoden isn't easy.

"Everything just kind of came together to make this a very difficult case to investigate," said Poindexter.

Poindexter says in the Poplar-Maple Street part of Lynchburg residents stay quiet, fearful of drug dealers. The dealers do the same, scared they'll lose customers.

"There's no real incentive for them to come over and provide information to the police, because the only thing that does is takes away business from them," said Poindexter.

Now, Rhoden's mom is stepping in, putting up $10,000 of her own money to solve her son's murder.

"I can't say that it's not a sacrifice to do that. It is. But, if it helps resolves this, then it's well worth that," said Rhoden.

The odds are stacked against police. No houses face the street where Rhoden was shot; not a single eyewitness has been found. But Rhoden's good friend Terrance Keene says justice for Rhoden will come in some form.

"Justice is the conscience of that person. That person's conscience will weigh them down one day," said Keene.

In addition to the $10,000 reward from Rhoden's mom, the Crimestoppers reward up to $1,000 is still out there too. The Crimestoppers number is 888-798-5900.

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