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Shoppers Plan Ahead to Save During Tax-Free Holiday


Reporter: Shelley Basinger l Videojournalist: Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - Be prepared for crowds at the stores this weekend, now that Virginia's "Back To School" tax-free holiday is underway.

Through Sunday, you won't have to pay the sales tax on school supplies costing less than $20 and clothing or footwear less than $100.

You won't find many impulse buyers in Target's "Back to School" section.

"I've been planning for a month," said mother Victoria Critzer.

She and others know it takes a little leg work.  It all starts with the school supply list.  Critzer likes to mark off a few items before she even leaves home.

"I go through all of my leftovers from last year and make sure that I use anything that I already own.  And then we shop at Target," said Critzer.

Ozzie Sankner is also a planner and is already thinking about the next school year.

"What we try to do is buy enough for this year, and we buy enough to start next fall as well," said Sankner.

Target's senior team leader Chris Mason says it's common to see people stocking up on items like paper and pencils.

"If they don't use it, they can use it next year.  It's not like it's stuff that will go out of date or something like that," said Mason.

There's not much to lose. As Critzer and her family have learned, you can really gain by getting all of your shopping done in one weekend.

"I think last year we saved over 100," said Critzer.

"Everybody just wants to save all the money they can right now and it's a very good time to do it," said Mason.

For more information about Virginia's sales tax holiday, click here.

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