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Hail Damages Cars in Roanoke Co. Dealership


Roanoke Co., VA - Wednesday night's storm did some damage, now one Roanoke County business is adding it all up and may be adding for quite some time.

They had about $5 million worth of brand new cars get pounded.

One gentleman said some of the hail balls were the size of racquetballs, which left quite an impression on just about every car on the lot.

Friday, there was an insurance adjuster at the lot at Duncan Acura counting all the dents that mark the surface of just about every car in the inventory.

"Ponded water on the lot…hail hitting, it was like little bombs going off. It was splashing up, six foot high splashes," said Jim Sanders, the general sales manager.

Saunders says he knew they were in trouble.

"It's scary because the magnitude of the damage; you never know what it's going to look like until they dry off," said Gary Duncan from the Duncan Automotive Network.

Now that they have dried off, the damage is clear and insurance crews are in motion.

"I knew when the phone rang and I saw the caller ID that it probably wasn't going to be a good call," said Tom Beheler with Federation Insurance.

That's because there are 185 new and used cars on this lot plus another dozen or so customer cars that are affected, including a $92,000 car. The total bill could end up above a million bucks.

"It's disheartening. These cars will stand up to dime to mothball size hail with no damage. I knew we were in trouble when I saw it come down quarter sized... then got up to golf ball racquetball size pretty quickly," said Sanders.

It's expected the insurance crews will wrap up their work by Monday leaving many, many man hours of body work to follow.

The silver lining could be for consumers who may be looking for a project as many of those cars will be offered to the public, as is, albeit with a discount.

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