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Oxford Home on a Healthy Path


Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Melinda Zosh

Lynchburg, VA - Recovering from addiction takes a village. That couldn't be more true for the nine women living in the Oxford House for women in Lynchburg. Their ages vary - a teenager, even grandmothers. But their goal is the same - to recover from addiction.

Lynchburg's Oxford Home for women - and the two others in Lynchburg - has cleaned up its reputation and buckled down in the last year, paying rent on time and keeping the house in tip top shape. Today, the home is truly a self-run, self-supported home for recovering addicts. The philosophy: self-help is the key to recovery. 

Kayla Bruan, 19, moved in to Oxford House one month ago. Life had hit rock bottom; the party scene had become too much.

"I wasn't going anywhere doing the things I was doing," said Bruan.

But in a quick four weeks at Oxford House, Bruan's on a healthy path.

"Living here and living in the meetings and the community. It has helped me realize that I can be happy," said Bruan.

Accountability is what makes an Oxford House run smoothly. But, just one year ago, that wasn't Oxford's reputation. Recovering herself, Jennifer Hall helped turn the Oxford House around.

"We are holding people accountable now," said Hall, chapter chair.

The women pay rent, work outside the home, share chores inside the home and hold officer positions. All that responsibility helps with recovery.

"I got elected President, and it makes me feel better about myself, makes me feel people are counting on me. I never had that back at home," said Bruan.

What these women lost in their own homes, they gain at Oxford House - responsibility, accountability and healthy relationships.

"Everyone's individual struggles are different. But, the great part is they are similar enough that we can all relate to one another," said Hall.

The first Oxford House started in 1975. Today, there are more than 1,200 in the U.S. and three right in Lynchburg.

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