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One Year Later, Driver of Deadly Hit & Run Still Not Found

Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson

Danville, VA - It's now been one year since a deadly hit and run in Danville, and investigators still have not found the driver. Danville Police say Thomas Wilson, 51, was walking along Kirk Drive when a car hit and killed him on August 5 of last year. 

Now, family and friends are hoping that the crime will be solved.

Danville Police say Wilson's body was found on the side of the road around 3 a.m. They say the driver had to have known they hit him and the car must have been damaged.

"They took a part of me, they took a part of my me-ma, they took a lot of people's lives when they took my dad," said Holly Wilson, Wilson's daughter.

One year later, Holly Wilson still feels the pain.

"It makes me feel really hurt and really lost," said Wilson.

Holly says her father had left a party early, possibly after an argument. He walked down Kirk Drive when a car hit him and drove off.

"He was drug under the vehicle and he tumbled under the vehicle and he was kicked out into the grassy area," said Lt. Scott Eanes with Danville police.

Danville police still question if the driver knew Thomas or if it was all an accident. But Holly and her family are confident.

"I think it was intentional, maybe the people were partying too hard," said Holly Wilson.

"It's been hard and I really had a hard time the last month dealing with his birthday and the year he died. It's been sad," said Robin Hancock, Thomas Wilson's girlfriend.

The family says they plan to keep searching for the driver. Holly eyes every car that passes.

"Every vehicle that comes by I'm looking at the front of the vehicle or questioning 'was it you or was it you?'" said Wilson.

Police plan to continue their search too.

"We are going to find them. It make take us a long time but we are never going to give up on this," said Eanes.

As of now, Danville police say they have no real leads. But they asking if anyone knows anything about this crime to come forward.
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