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Movie Inspired Massive Party Planned in Nelson County


Faber, VA - It was supposed to be the party of a lifetime for some Nelson County teenagers.

They invited 8,000 people, booked two D.J.s and rented a secluded vacation home. But just hours before it was supposed to start last Friday, some unexpected and uninvited guests showed up.

Law enforcement all over the country are dealing with so-called Project X parties. And much like the plot in the movie, the goal is to have them be as out of control as possible. But they often come with real-life consequences.

Movie reviewers call "Project X" a parent's worst nightmare.

Cars plummet into swimming pools, buildings explode and three high schoolers turn into legends overnight.

In the movie trailer the main character, Thomas, leaves his parents a message after the party gets out of hand.

"This was supposed to be a small get together, I wanted to be cool for one night. I wanted girls to notice me. Then, things got a little out of control," he said.

But it isn't just happening on the big screen.

Officers have busted so-called copy cat bashes in Florida, Michigan and Texas. And in the last week, deputies in rural Nelson County got wind of one.

"We were informed by another jurisdiction, another detective who was also investigating the Project X parties. And he forwarded the information to us," said Investigator Billy Mays.

Officials say 2,200 people RSVPD on Facebook for the party called Project X VA Edition. It was planned in a secluded rental cabin off Old Ridge Road in Faber. If everyone who was invited had shown up, there would be more people at the party than the entire town.

But it wasn't the epic ending they had hoped for. Just hours before it got started, deputies showed up and busted six people with alcohol and drug citations.

"We took it very seriously and wanted to stem it before it actually got started," explained Mays.

"Hopefully that will open the parents' eyes now to see that they need to keep a closer eye on their children," he added.

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