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Multiple Bear Sightings in Lynchburg


Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Animal Control officers are telling residents to be on the lookout for bears.

Animal Control says they've had a number of calls about bear sightings on VES road. But there's another bear closer to the Campbell County side of town that's getting some attention.

"I've gone through the smoking mountains, but I never saw one in the wild," said Juanita Stevens.

On Tuesday, for the first time she did. While driving along Eastbrook Road in Lynchburg, Stevens saw two baby cubs cross right in front of her. She stopped to take a picture.

"The mama bear came out and I got a little nervous at that point so I left," she said. "I didn't want it riding home in the car with me and you don't trust wild animals."

Over near Virginia Episcopal School, there have been several sightings.

Head football coach Albert Jennings, spotted a baby cub on the football field.

"I didn't see the mama, now if I had I might would have freaked out," he said.

That's because mama or daddy bear were hanging out over at the VES maintenance shop.

"It was about 20 feet away it just stopped and looked at me," said Robert Staton, who works at VES.

Staton shooed it away.

Animal Control has been flooded with calls like these for a couple weeks now. They say the black bears in our area aren't typically aggressive so no need to fear. But there are ways of keeping them at bay.

"Put away your trash or take it to the dump yourself, just don't leave it outside for them to eat," said Todd Jones, with animal control.

The bear near VES has also knocked down several trash cans. Because it keeps coming back, animal control has set up traps to safely capture and re-locate it.

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