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Dairy Farmer Wants Uranium Mining Answers


Pittsylvania Co., VA -- A local dairy farmer is bringing his concerns to the Health Department over the potential impact of uranium mining in Pittsylvania County. He spoke out at Tuesday night's meeting in Chatham.

Tommy Motley's dairy farm is less than three miles from Coles Hill, a potential uranium mining site. He worries that if air particles from uranium mining land on his cow's feed, it could possibly transfer to the milk. Motley worries that the three thousand gallons of milk he produces a day could be ruined.

Motley says that there is no direct group looking at the health for agriculture. Instead he says the health department is focusing on water quality. So Motley hopes a study will be done and a guarantee will be made that his milk is safe. Otherwise, he wants some sort of monetary compensation from the state if something happens.

"I think that is not being unreasonable, it's just being realistic as a business type person. It's business. I can't endorse something that might damage my income," said Motley. 

We tried to get ahold of the representatives from the Health Department on this matter, but they did not return our calls.

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