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Amherst County Chairman Asks School Board For Liaison


Amherst, VA - Did the Amherst County chairman of the Board of Supervisors overstep his bounds?

He wants the county to have a seat at school board meetings to serve as a liaison.

But, the board of education says that would be unconstitutional.

All of it started with a letter Frank Campbell sent to the chairman of the school board last month.

It's addressed to Chairman Jones Stanley's home, dated July 31st and typed out on county letterhead.

But not every supervisor in Amherst County knew about it.

"I was a little surprised because I had not seen the letter. I was told about it at the very last minute," said Claudia Tucker.

In the letter, Frank Campbell asks for a liaison to sit in at school board meetings.

They wouldn't have any voting power but could ask questions -- not just give statements, which is all that's afforded to the public.

After receiving the letter, school board chairman Jones Stanley contacted the school's attorney.

"For us to grant that would be an abdication of our duties and responsibilities as a school board," he said.

So the school board responded with another letter, explaining that the two boards are totally separate entities and bringing in a liaison would be unconstitutional.

Frank Campbell admits he didn't contact all supervisors before sending the letter and apologizes if it was misinterpreted.

But he says the position could give the board answers to important questions involving the budget, something Stanley seems happy to do.

"We stand ready, we have always been ready and willing and we have asked on occasion -- to meet with them. Why it hasn't happened? I'm not sure," Stanley explained.

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