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10 Year Anniversary Of Short Family Death


Henry Co., VA - Next week marks the ten year anniversary of the murder of the Short family in Henry County. The community is coming together for the annual Jennifer Short Memorial ride this weekend.

"The little girl and the father they both were at a convenience store the night that this happened and I saw both of them and I saw the little girl playing and the next day you get up and see the Rockingham County truck sitting in the front yard," said Ray Reynolds, Working Jennifer Short Memorial Ride.

 Every single day Ray Reynolds thinks back to ten years ago, when his seemingly ordinary neighbors became the mystery case still unsolved.

"I was in shock at first. I just couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it happened right in my neighborhood," said Reynolds. 

Mary and Michael Short were found shot to death in their Henry County home. Weeks later, 9-year-old Jennifer Short's body was found in North Carolina.

"It's our home is where this happened. In our community. And we need to find out if it is someone that lives among us that done it or someone out of town," said Reynolds. 

Investigator on the case, Lt. Col. Steve Eanes says they get leads daily, and still have not forgotten about the Short family.

"Whenever we get a lead we run it down in hope that one lead will lead us to the stone unturned that leads us to solving the case," said Eanes. 

For some officers who have been on the case since the start it feels personal. But their death has made an impact on everyone.

"It never really gets out of the mindset of the people in the community. Every time I ride by the area I think about it and wish it was solved every day," said Eanes.

This Sunday the Jennifer Short Memorial Ride is expected to have nearly 200 participants. The cost is $10, and all of the money will go to the Jennifer Short Scholarship Program at Bassett High School. Registration starts at 11:00 a.m.  For more information, call Ray Reynolds at (276) 340-2000.

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