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Lawn Care Businesses Hurt by Gas Price Increase


Danville, VA - The average price per gallon in Virginia has hit $3.56, and these prices are hitting one kind of business really hard.

When Edward Bennett goes to the pumps, he buys a lot more than one tank of gas. That's because every single piece of equipment for his lawn care business needs to be filled up before it starts up.

So when Bennett sees gas prices climbing, he gets nervous.

"Gas can hurt you in this business when the prices are up. Definitely as far as the lawn care business," said Edward Bennett, owner of Precision Lawn Care.

He says at their highest, gas prices have cost him up to $180 extra a week.

"I keep my eye on it. I go on the websites looking and I mean it's very frustrating. You try to figure out why," said Bennett.

He takes precautions like stocking up when prices drop and planning work ahead.

"We have to be careful where we transport to. Say on certain days we might have to do the Southside, and on certain days we do the Northside," said Bennett. 

"You notice at the end of the month," said Jason Watlington, owner of Landscape Design. 

Part time landscaper Watlington also feels the pain. He too takes the hit instead of passing it on.

"In small business it is hard to get more business, you don't want to lose what you have," said Watlington. 

Both say gas prices concern them but luckily it hasn't broken them.

"At the end of the day, the gas has to be covered. The business got to go on so you just got to plan for it," said Bennett.

The lawn care workers we talked with say they know businesses who have had no choice but pass the cost increase along to their consumers. A tip for those who mow your own lawn: Make sure your equipment is well tuned and has clean filters because they use less gas that way.

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