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Update: Thief Returns Cutout to Roanoke 7-Eleven

Picture From Video Surveillance Picture From Video Surveillance

Update August 20:

Roanoke, VA - The cutout of the "World's Most Interesting Man" has been returned to the Roanoke store.

Rob Lipes, co owner of the 7-Eleven where the Dos Equis cutout was stolen, says he is not pressing charges.

Instead, he thief has agreed to write an apology and make a donation to the MDA. He's also paying $25 for the sign.

Lipes has also barred him from the property. If the conditions aren't met by Saturday, Lipes says he will "throw the book at him."


Roanoke, VA - He's known as "The Most Interesting Man in the World," and the Dos Equis man's life-sized promotional cutout is one of the most popular items at one Roanoke store.

The store is even using it to raise money for charity, closing in on $400 until it was stolen.

While this cardboard cutout isn't worth much, police still want to talk to the two people who took it.

Surveillance video shows a man and woman coming into the Crystal Spring 7-Eleven and taking a few moments to quietly talk among themselves before taking action.

The man puts his hat on the woman, almost like a sign, and the woman immediately asks the clerk for some help. As the clerk turns, the man quickly makes his move.

The cardboard cutout of the "World's Most Interesting Man" is a hot commodity here. So many people want one, that Store Owner Susan Lipps decided to raise money for MDA by auctioning it off.

"We've had Earnhardt, we've had Gordon, we've had all kinds of people - Snoop Dogg we had. This is the most popular," said Lipps.

Almost $400 was collected by the time the guy took off with the advertisement. To make matters worse, he came back in to buy beer and not the brand the "Most Interesting Guy in the World" promotes.

"And then came back in the store and paid for a 4-pack of PBR and then high fived my employee. That's what got me the maddest," said Robb Lipps, the other store owner.

Good news is the store's distributor replaced the cutout, which is now kept under lock and key until the auction is finished next week.

"I think at one time it was a practical joke, but when it has to do with charity, and doing something like that... it's just not right," said Susan Lipps.

The money is being collected for the MDA Poker Run being held by the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group on August 25. Last year, the store auctioned off another cutout of the "World's Most Interesting Man" and raised $300 for MDA.

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