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Vice Presidential Snub Creates Business Boom


Radford, VA - For the third day in a row, a Radford bakery has been forced to sell nothing but ice cream. Everything else has sold out ever since the owners' decision not to host Vice President Joe Biden during a recent visit to Main Street there.

The story has quickly gained national attention as conservatives from anti-abortion demonstrators to right wing bloggers have chimed in their support.

If 2008's presidential year political darling was "Joe the Plumber", maybe the 2012 presidential season will belong to "Chris the Baker."

"I didn't think in that moment when I made the decision, concerning the campaign, that it would go like this at all," said Chris McMurray, owner of Crumb & Get It Cookie Company.

Since May, when Chris and Kelly McMurray opened "Crumb and Get It" in downtown Radford, sales have been great until Wednesday when Biden's point person came looking for a place to come visit.

"I very respectfully declined. It probably was less than a minute. But I did think, 'I have a choice here, and it's a choice between stark political differences that I have and the campaign has,'" he said.

That statement has since catapulted the McMurrays into the national spotlight and made their cookies hot commodities selling out before noon the last three days.

"I think it's wonderful that they're getting a lot of business from a very good source," said Trula Tuck, a customer.

The support, driven by the media coverage, has forced the McMurrays to enlist family and church members to help. Inconvenient? Yes? Cause for regret? Not a chance.

"It was the fact that he was looking for a photo op with a small business in a battleground state, and I knew all these things. You know, I know all these things. Look, I just made a decision based on conscience, principle, faith, faith in God... so it is what it is," said McMurray.

McMurray also cited President Obama's remark he made in Roanoke back in July when he said "You Didn't Build That," as a reason for his decision. The President insists his remark was made regarding infrastructure, while many people interpreted his remarks to be talking about the creation of a small business.

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