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Family Farm Tour Encourages Growing Local


Reporter: Parker Slaybaugh

Sedalia, VA - The Bedford Extension Office held a Family Farm Tour on Mountain Run Farm in Sedalia. The point of today's Farm Tour was to show people what all goes into running a farm.

When most people think about farming, they think about thousands of acres of land, with cows, pigs, and other livestock running everywhere.

Ben Coleman owns Mountain Run Farm and says it doesn't have to be that complicated.

"We all have a backyard that we all slave over the mowing and caring for it, my proposal is use it for food," said Coleman.

Coleman runs Mountain Run Farm with his family. He says nature already offers many things we need to survive.

"We can grow vegetables, you can raise bees and honey, you can have chickens for eggs, and not to mention all the plants that grow from nature that are also food and medicines," said Coleman.

Karen White toured the farm with her two sons. Her son Nicholas wants to be a beekeeper when he grows up. Saturday he had the chance to learn how to properly handle bee hives.

"You'll get stung if you stand in front of the hive. You can stand on the sides of the hive, or the back of it," said Nicholas White.

"I would like them to learn how to grow their own and support themselves and their families from what they can grow and put up themselves," said Karen White.

Some weren't as interested in making a career out of farming, some just enjoyed the opportunity to pet the farm animals.

Many liked the idea of saving money by swapping the grocery store, for home grown produce.

"You can go a lot further on a pack of seeds than what you purchase from the grocery story now a days," said Christy Barham, who attended the farm tour.

The folks over at Mountain Run Farm are always willing to offer tips on how anyone can start growing produce and live stock. They also sell everything they raise on their farm directly to the consumer.

If you would like more information about Mountain Run Farm you can visit their web site.

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