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Student Recounts Bus Collision


Lynchburg, VA - It was a scary ride home for 16 Lynchburg City elementary school students Tuesday. Their school bus was among three vehicles involved in a collision in front of City Hall.

A driver of a car that crashed into the bus was taken to the hospital. Everyone on board the bus is okay.

This is a big reminder that school's back in session and we really have to watch out for the buses out there. It's something every parent dreads; hearing their child's school bus was involved in a collision.

As one of the kids on board said, it was a ride he won't soon forget. When asked if it was a good second day of school, nine year old Quentin Hoglund replied, "Yea, besides the bus ride at the end."

For Hoglund, it was a bumpy bus ride home.

"I was sitting in the back of the bus, and it just went like bump, and we were like, what happened? The bus had stopped and so we looked behind us and we saw the car underneath. It was crazy," he said.

Stopped at a cross walk, the bus was rear ended, with the other car winding up wedged beneath the buses bumper. "I was a mix of scared and confused. Like what would happen?" said Hoglund.

"People need to be careful when school's back in session, buses are going to be back on the road, kids are going to be standing on the side of the street," said Leslie Hoglund, Quentin's Mom.

She breathed a sigh of relief, when another bus brought her son home almost an hour later. Realizing this could have been way worse, she now issues a warning to all drivers.

"You just have to be careful and be mindful, and recognize and realize that it takes everybody in the whole community to be mindful about it," she said.

School buses are back and drivers need to beware because they're transporting some precious cargo.

Luckily, Hoglund says her son's school bus driver kept students calm amidst the calamity.

And for Quentin, a memorable second day of the fourth grade. "[My] first car crash," he said.

Police say the driver whose car got wedged underneath the bus is not the one who caused the wreck. That car was hit from behind by someone else. And the driver responsible for that drove off. But the license plate fell off that car, leaving a major clue for police behind.

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